How to Declutter Your Home for Selling

How to Declutter Your Home for Selling

As real estate agents, the one thing we notice that seems to detract from a home more than anything else is the presence of clutter. Clutter can be defined in several ways, from things laying everywhere, on floors and furniture, to an overabundance of knick-knacks which make it difficult to see the attributes of a home. We hope this blog will give some suggestions on how to declutter a home to prepare it for selling (or even just enjoy living in).

Other than cleaning, decluttering is probably the most important thing you can do to get a home ready for showing. Kitchen and bathroom counters should be as clear as possible, closets should be neat, and exterior areas around the home should be free of debris. Clutter distracts buyers from your home’s features and makes it seem like the home has less space.

Perhaps the best way to get started is to learn the Marie Kondo method of decluttering by visiting her website:  Marie’s method is not only fun, it will help you declutter and organize and, most importantly, stay that way, which is essential for the time you have your home listed. Your entire family will want to get in on the fun and even children can learn the experience.

The basic steps you will learn from Marie’s method are, as follows:

  • Take everything out of the drawer or closet you’re attempting to declutter.
  • Select your favorite articles and put them aside. Marie calls this keeping what “sparks joy”. Throw out or donate the rest.
  • Store the items you’re going to keep in a way that makes them easy to see and access. Her tips on this are invaluable.
  • Make sure everything in your home has a place – “a home for everything and everything in its place”. If there is no room for something, consider whether or not you actually need it. If you do want to keep it but have no place for it while you’re showing  your home, consider renting a storage unit or storing it somewhere offsite.

Not only is it best to declutter before you put your home on the market, it’s best to declutter before you move so you don’t spend extra time packing and moving things you are not going to want to keep (and maybe have to pay to move more than necessary).

Once your decluttered home sells, you will enjoy setting up your new home using Marie Kondo’s methods and be amazed at the extra space you have. The house you declutter now will lead you to your next decluttered home.

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